two motorists reacting to car accident
28 Sep

Average FL Car Accident Settlements

In Florida, car accident settlements are both easier and more complicated than other states due to Florida’s no-fault status. For every car collision, both parties’ insurance companies cover their own injury and repair needs. Each case is unique.

When a car accident occurs, it’s helpful to know what’s normal for car accident settlements so you know the best steps to take for your particular situation.

In Florida, the average accident settlement is approximately $15,000; however, the average settlement will be higher when injuries are severe. The car accident settlement is determined by the severity of the injuries, legal fault in the case, and the ability of the at-fault party to pay the claim. Car accident settlements may be higher or lower than the average $15,000.

Whiplash can be a painful injury from a car accident, and the average settlement for a car accident that includes whiplash ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. In most cases, whiplash requires medical care, which will determine injury severity and medical bills. Significant and painful injuries received in a car accident deserve compensation.

Since Florida is a no-fault state, car accident settlements are often resolved within the no-fault system. Therefore, an accident that results in only minor injuries will not be eligible for traditional lawsuits. Instead, in Florida, injured parties resolve their case directly with their own car insurance company.

The mandatory insurance policies in Florida payout for minor accidents, and you don’t have to prove who caused a car accident to receive compensation. Since smaller car accident settlements are handled through the no-fault system, Florida’s average car accident settlement tends to be higher than at-fault systems because there are not as many ongoing car accident lawsuits.

A major component for determining a car accident claim is “pain and suffering” — basically the term for the physical, mental, and emotional pain that you’ve experienced due to the accident. Severe injuries may be considered to cause pain and suffering that is equal to five times your medical bills and other financial losses. Less severe injuries may ask for pain and suffering compensation that equals the medical bills or 1.5 times the monetary losses.

Florida’s no-fault insurance pays up to the policy limit, and that’s generally about $10,000. However, without an emergency medical condition from the accident, it’s much more common to only recover about $2,500. No-fault insurance tends to pay 80 percent of medical bills and 60 percent of lost wages.

Determining a car accident settlement amount comes down to several factors. A minor accident without injuries will mean less compensation. A car accident resulting in personal injury, death, or severe property damage will require police presence at the scene. A police report can be helpful evidence for a claim, and it will document the damages, personal details, and insurance information of all drivers involved.

To file a car accident claim in Florida, you’ll want the following information:

  • Medical bills
  • Car repair costs
  • Estimated costs for continued treatment
  • Lost wages, etc.

While Florida’s no-fault system has its benefits, it can be difficult to file a car accident claim and receive the compensation that you’re due. If you aren’t sure about your next steps and you believe that you may be entitled to more for your car accident, schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer today. Call 352-371-4000 or email