Personal Injury
27 Jul

Don’t Believe These Personal Injury Myths

Personal injury myths keep many people with valid injuries from pursuing their rights under the law. Knowing what is true and false about personal injury law can ensure that if you or a loved one suffer an injury that you can seek legal justice and damages.

Avoid believing the following myths and seek your rights under the law.

Myth: A personal injury lawyer is way out of my price range!

An easy assumption that has been made in past years is that all lawyers are extremely expensive to hire. This assumption has been widely accepted because some lawyers, such as divorce or criminal defense attorneys, do require an expensive upfront payment. Other types of lawyers have “fee structures” for charging for services.

In personal injury law, most lawyers work with a “contingent fee” plan, which means they only get paid when you do. Your consultation with a personal injury lawyer is usually free. And if the personal injury lawyer believes you have a valid case under the law, the lawyer works on your case free of charge until the case is settled.

A personal injury lawyer is not out of your price range since your personal injury lawyer won’t receive any money until you win or settle your case. It shouldn’t cost you anything to talk with or hire a personal injury lawyer.

Myth: Personal injury cases last a long time.

Generally, personal injury cases are settled quickly and outside of court. While many people believe that all legal proceedings could take years and years to come to a conclusion, this is rarely true. However, it’s important to recognize that every personal injury case is different.

Individual personal injury cases have different factors that may require more time within the legal system. In most situations, the goal is to settle the claim quickly and outside of court. Both parties in personal injury cases usually seek a quick resolution.
In fact, while a few cases may drag on for years, most legal claims are resolved within a few weeks or months.

Myth: My insurance covers my injuries.

Sometimes your insurance will cover your injuries, but in most situations, your insurance company will spend the least amount of money possible to complete your claim. In Florida, car accidents and subsequent injuries are rarely considered personal injury unless very severe, and the victim’s insurance is supposed to cover injuries to a certain point.

After a personal injury, you may have legal options for financial reimbursement. To discover those possibilities, you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you have any options under the law.

Myth: The responsible person for my injury pays out of pocket.

It is unusual for the person responsible for your injury to pay out of pocket for the damages that you’ve experienced due to your injuries. In fact, in most situations, it’s an insurance company that will pay the damages of your personal injury. The at-fault individual would likely struggle to pay for the medical bills, pain and suffering damages, lost wages, and property damages.
Depending on the personal injury, you may be able to make a claim against an individual, their employer, the product’s manufacturer, or another entity. This means that your settlement may be paid out by multiple insurance companies. Every situation is different.

If you’re not sure who your personal injury claim should name, speak with a personal injury lawyer to determine your best options for making a personal injury claim.

Myth: Minor injuries aren’t worth anything.

Minor injuries are certainly worth something if you’re paying out of pocket for medical care, treatment, and medication. Medical bills add up. And if your minor injuries occurred at the fault of someone else, then you should absolutely speak with a personal injury lawyer. Never worry about whether your injury is worth speaking with a personal injury about because it’s possible you may have a good claim and a right to a personal injury claim award.

The payout for a personal injury case is anything from $3,000 to $75,000. However, according to, the average compensation for a personal injury claim is $52,900. Every personal injury claim is different so you never know what type of financial reimbursement you’ll receive for your damages.

Myth: I can file a personal injury lawsuit at any time.

No, you can’t. The government has set out something called a statute of limitations, which means that an injured party has a certain time limit to file a legal claim against the at-fault party. In Florida, a personal injury claim has a statute of limitations of four years from the date of the accident.

While four years may seem like a long time, the days pass quickly and you may miss your opportunity to receive damages for your injuries. Nothing is worse than discovering that you had a valid personal injury claim but that it’s too late to file.
No matter your injury, small or big, always speak with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you may have a legal claim to financial damages.

Myth: If I win my personal injury lawsuit, I’ll be rich.

The likelihood of you being rich after winning a personal injury lawsuit is very small. The fact is that the money won for your damages will need to go to your health costs, medical bills, and other such expenses. Never expect to become rich from winning or settling your personal injury lawsuit.

No matter your injury, if it occurred because of someone else’s fault, you should take the time to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Your consultation with a personal injury lawyer will reveal if you have a viable claim under law and the next steps for your case. Contact us today at or 352-371-4000.