Fact vs. Fiction About Personal Injury Law
02 Oct

Fact vs. Fiction About Personal Injury Law

When injured in an accident, many people are unsure of just what to do. You may hear warnings from well-intentioned friends or family warning you against contacting a lawyer for advice. This is often because people are simply misinformed about the truth when it comes to personal injury law.

Below we separate the facts from the fiction about three main topics people tend to get wrong.

Fiction: If I settle my case as fast as possible I will receive a larger settlement.
Fact: If you rush to settle your case you may end up leaving money on the table or signing away your rights to compensation. It’s always worth it to take the time to consult with a lawyer before you make any final decisions.

Fiction: The bigger my law firm is the bigger my settlement will be.
Fact: Choosing an attorney should be based on a number of factors.  There is no guarantee that a larger firm will obtain a larger settlement.

Fiction: Personal injury lawyers are expensive and require large up-front fees to hire.
Fact: Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis that allows your lawyer to collect a percentage from your settlement as their compensation. At Carrillo & Carrillo clients receive a no charge, no commitment consultation.


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