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02 Dec

Common Activities for Florida Winter Injuries

Common winter injuries in Florida include anything from bruising to back pain and more. These injuries occur during a variety of activities. Despite the fact that winter is much more mild in Florida than in other states, individuals experience a number of injuries from car accidents, house decorating, and holiday hosting.

While Florida tends to have much milder winters than more northern states, climate change has led to much more volatile weather patterns. Warmer winters mean less surprise freezing temperatures; however, sometimes there are drastic temperature drops and a lot more rain. This extreme weather can cause a number of different accidents and injuries.

Another risk factor during Florida weather is an increase in traffic which can lead to accidents. As snowbirds travel to warmer temperatures or tourists escape the colder temperatures elsewhere, data reveals an uptick in vehicle collisions.

Increased Car Accidents

With more travelers, tourists, and snowbirds in Florida during the winter, car accidents are more common. Many of these drivers may be using cell phones or GPS devices to navigate. Device distractions mixed with the fatigue from long travel can impact their ability to handle quick traffic patterns. Car accidents can cause a number of injuries, and it’s important to immediately seek medical care.

Long Rides in Vehicles

With many people traveling in the winter, whether for vacation or holidays, it’s likely that they will be seated for an extended period of time in a car, plane, or train. While not specifically strenuous, sitting can be tough on the body, creating soreness or tightness. It’s important to take any opportunity you can to stretch or move.

House Decorating

Many people like to spend time decorating the inside and outside of their home for the winter holidays. Not all injuries occur when falling from ladders or stepping on a rogue ornament: common winter injuries from decorating can include back pain, neck tension, and joint problems. Be wise about the decorations you want to use for your home and how you will proceed with decorating.

Slipping While Walking

Taking daily walks is a healthy practice for most people, but a common winter injury is the classic slip and fall. Individuals can receive anything from bad bruising to broken bones. Therefore, when choosing a walking route, be sure to choose a well-maintained sidewalk, wear appropriate footwear, and be extra cautious in poor weather.

Holiday Dinner Preparation

Other common winter injuries include burns and cuts from cooking for the holidays and for guests. It’s too easy to forget to grab an oven mitt when reaching for a hot pan. These injuries can be really painful and take extra time to recover.

Simple Prevention Tips for Common Winter Injuries

  1. Never stand on chairs for hanging decorations
  2. Choose good walking shoes for outdoor walks
  3. Be cautious on wet surfaces
  4. Never leave food cooking unattended
  5. Use a lumbar support pillow for long rides
  6. Pack multiple, small bags for long car rides to make for easier lifting

While Florida may not have a ton of snow and ice during the winter, there are still common winter injuries caused by car accidents, home decorating, and inclement weather. It’s important to recognize what common injuries can occur and to make a plan for avoiding those injuries.

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