30 May

Don't Forget to Do These 7 Steps if You're Bit by a Dog

Throughout the year, nearly 800,000 people experience a dog bite that requires medical attention. Children or postal workers are most likely to be bit, and those who are bit are often able to file a claim for a personal injury case. Seeking to receive compensation for a dog bite can be an involved process, so it’s important to not to forget to do these steps in the event you are bit by a dog.

Where Do Dog Bites Happen?

In most cases, dog bites happen on home turf. This means that it’s most common for the dog bite victim to be a friend, family member, or neighbor. Many dogs feel territorial about their home and their owners, which can further increase the likelihood of a dog bite. In fact, 25 percent of homeowner insurance policies focus on dog bites, and many homeowner insurance policies no longer cover dog bite claims.

Don't Forget to Do These 7 Steps if You're Bit by a Dog

When someone is bit by a dog, it’s easy to forget to take these important steps to pursue your rights and compensation for your injury. Panic can cause people to respond in strange ways. Therefore, be sure that if you or someone you know is bit by a dog, you do the following as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

While some dog bites might not seem serious enough to warrant medical treatment, it’s important for a dog bite victim to seek medical attention. The reality is that dog mouths carry a lot of different bacteria that can cause serious infection. Seeking medical treatment serves two purposes: immediate care for a dog bite and documentation of the dog bite and corresponding treatment.

Report the Dog Bite

After a dog bite, report the situation to the police or animal control. This can be difficult to do if you’re friends with the dog owner, but it’s important that the incident is appropriately documented. Many local governments have specific rules for dog bite injuries and more.

Photograph the Dog Bite

Take pictures of the dog bite injury as soon as possible. Those photos can be helpful in the event of a personal injury lawsuit, proving the extent of the injury. After all, such injuries will heal, and it will be difficult to determine the severity of the original injury.

Ask for the Dog Owner’s Information

Request the contact information of the dog owner just in case you need to seek extra information about the health of the dog, depending on the medical treatment. You may also want a picture of the dog and owner as well. In some cases, people provide false information.

Ask for Witness Contact Information

Sometimes other people witness a dog bite, and it can be helpful to have their information to back up what happened during the event. Witnesses offer a different perspective than the victim or the dog owner.

Record Dog Bite Information

After the dog bite occurs, keep track of all documentation around the incident. Request copies of paperwork from your medical visits and keep the information easily accessible. Your documentation should include related conversations, paperwork, and expenses too. This information can be crucial if you decide to file a claim for a personal injury case.

Seek a Dog Bite Personal Injury Lawyer

Every case is different. Therefore, it’s especially important that you seek legal representation that will take the time to fully understand your situation and present you with all of your legal solutions.

At Carrillo Injury Law, we go above and beyond for our clients, seeking to win them all the rightful compensation that they deserve for personal injuries. Contact us today to find out what your legal solutions under the law may be for your situation.