Serious Car Accident Shown in Gainesville
29 Jun

What to do following an automobile accident?

There are too many things that rush through your head as you realize you have just been in a car accident. Am I okay? Was the other driver injured  Is my car destroyed? There are so many chemicals in your body being produced to help you deal with the situation that it can be difficult to make important, rational decisions.  
Here are a few simple steps to help you protect yourself following a car accident:

1. Do you need medical help?

First, assess if you need to be checked out by emergency medical services. Adrenaline can mask a lot of injuries right after a car crash. Even if you think you are okay, just pause, take a breath, and make sure you are uninjured from head to toe. If you are okay or do not need immediate assistance, do the same for everyone else involved in the accident.

2. Where are you?

Next, see if you are in a dangerous roadway and if you need to move your vehicle. You should call the police if you cannot move the vehicles in the crash and traffic is a concern. Regardless of the damage to the vehicles, it is never a bad idea to call the police and ask for a written a report or to see if a ticket should be issued to the person at fault.

3. What’s the damage?

Almost everyone today is carrying a powerful tool that can help preserve evidence and gather information about a car accident: Their smartphone. Use the camera on your phone to take pictures. Take photos of the accident scene, the damage to the cars, the other driver's license plate, driver’s license, and insurance information.  

4. Call your insurance provider.

Finally, you’ll want to notify your insurance company about the accident.  Even if you are not at fault, they can help with initial medical treatment, lost wages, and property damage.  

If you’re in an auto accident, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, assess the situation, and call for help. By staying calm, you’ll ensure a smoother outcome.