Navigating Workers’ Compensation Claims Involving Pre-Existing Conditions
March 22, 2023

The primary purpose of the workers’ compensation system is to offer benefits to workers who sustain injuries while performing their job duties.

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What is the Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Florida?
March 09, 2023

Personal injuries can be devastating, both physically and emotionally.

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Everything You Need to Know About Parking Lot Accidents
February 28, 2023

Car accidents happen everywhere, not just on the roads or highways but even in parking lots and garages.

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The Consequences of Distracted Driving
January 31, 2023

Distracted driving is dangerous and potentially deadly when a driver's attention diverts from the road.

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Filing an Insurance Claim Under Florida’s No-Fault Car Accident Law
January 14, 2023

Florida is a "no-fault" state regarding car insurance, which means that each driver's insurance company is responsible for covering their policyhol

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Can Seasonal Employees Receive Workers' Compensation?
December 23, 2022

Businesses hire seasonal employees to get an extra hand and increase staffing during the holiday season.

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