Injured at work or at home? Lower Back Injuries Are Common and Often Ignored
15 Oct

Injured at work or at home? Lower Back Injuries Are Common and Often Ignored

A lower back injury is one of the most common preventable injuries. Injuries of this type occur most frequently during workplace accidents, falls, auto accidents, and sporting activities. If you have experienced any of these incidents and are suffering from a lower back injury, you should promptly contact a personal injury attorney. Instances of injury could mean potential compensation, especially if you’ve been the victim of an automobile accident or hurt on the job.

An injury to your lower back can have drastic long-term ramifications. The lower back consists of both the lumbar and sacral section of the spine. An injury to any of the nerves in that area can cause loss of function in your hips, legs, bowel, bladder, and sexual functionality. One of the most common causes of this injury is improper lifting. Generally, lifting-related injuries are the result of insufficient training, improper lifting technique, or frustration and rushing. Another major complication that can come from this type of injury is radiculopathy--causing pain going down either leg, into your foot. This type of pain can often be the first indication of a herniated, ruptured, or bulging disk.

The first thing to do after an injury is to get a professional diagnosis. You will need to be examined by a Physician, who will likely send you for an X-Ray. The X-Ray will be able to determine whether you have a fracture or a dislocation. After the X-Ray, you may have to go for further testing with an MRI and/or a CT scan. A CT scan will give a more in-depth look of your spine, internal organs, and vertebrae. Magnetic resonance imaging also known as an MRI uses cross-section views to collect images of bones and soft structures. This will give a thorough look to show any torn ligaments or cartilage. If these three tests fail to provide the answers you need, there are two other options: You can request an electromyography or a nerve conduction study (assuming you are experiencing sore muscles). The EMG will measure how your muscles respond to nerve signals. The NCS will be able to test whether the nerve has been damaged by how fast and strong the electrical activity is. Nerve damage often leads to serious pain, weakness, and tingling.

Every course of treatment you follow will need to be under a professional’s care. The first course of treatment you will want to start off with is medication prescribed by your doctor. You will need to take an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling and pain from your injury. You will also want to immobilize your back to prevent further damage--preferably with a back brace. After the swelling has decreased you will be able to start with physical therapy. If the conservative course of treatment is not effective for you, consulting your doctor to receive injections is an option. If you are still in major pain and discomfort afterwards, the next step would be surgery--entailing either microdiscectomies or a fusion. Surgery is a major life-altering decision and the pain a person feels before the surgery can be chronic and life-changing.

With regards to law, one’s medical treatment plays a tremendous role in workplace injury cases. Financially, it falls to the employer and insurance provider to accommodate medical treatment. As a result, they withhold the choice of which medical professional provides aid. In worker compensation cases, doctors are capable of testifying in court. Therefore, having the right doctor is crucial, as some doctors can be impartial and detrimental to your case. Regardless of who your doctor is, it’s essential that you’re thorough and honest in both your medical history and description of symptoms.

This process can be an unbearably frustrating and painful time for anyone experiencing this type of discomfort. If you’re in Gainesville and suffering from a workplace or personal injury, having a lawyer to help protect and enforce your rights is a priority. Here at Carrillo & Carrillo, we can provide legal support on a personal level to ensure your needs are met. If you have ever experienced a lower back injury remember to take the necessary precautions for your health and livelihood. If you have any of these symptoms or issues contact us immediately.