What is Florida’s PIP 14-Day Rule?
April 01, 2021

Under Florida’s no-fault system with car accidents, a driver or passenger has 14 days to seek medical attention after a collision to file a claim w

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What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?
March 01, 2021

Workers’ compensation covers benefits for employees who have suffered work-related injuries and illnesses.

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Common Activities for Florida Winter Injuries
December 02, 2020

Common winter injuries in Florida include anything from bruising to back pain and more. These injuries occur during a variety of activities.

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Seasonal Safety Tips: Winter
November 25, 2020

Even in Florida, it’s important to take certain seasonal safety precautions for winter.

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Self-Care for After an Accident
November 01, 2020

Work injuries and car accidents occur every day. In 2012, the CDC reported that approximately 7,000 people are injured in car accidents each day.

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Common Injuries for Construction Workers
October 29, 2020

Construction workers are at risk for a number of injuries based on their occupation and proximity to heavy equipment.

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