10 May

Motorcycle Awareness Month: 10 Safety Tips Riders Should Keep in Mind

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time to highlight the importance of safe riding practices. Every year, thousands of motorcyclists are involved in accidents that can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 22 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash.

02 Mar

Florida Motorcycle Accident Claims & Road Safety

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, Florida continues to lead the country in the number of fatal accidents every year. The state has the second-highest number of registered motorcyclists in all of the United States. On average, nearly 5,000 motorcyclists are killed each year in accidents. Statistically, these fatalities often occur during the day, with clear conditions, and not at intersections.

03 Feb

7 Things to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Knowing what to do after surviving a motorcycle accident is crucial to ensuring that you receive the care you deserve. Accidents are scary. When you suffer a motorcycle collision, you need to know what to do.

While it’s easy to get caught in the moment and freeze up while trying to handle practical steps, it is important that you check your safety, take proactive steps, and stay calm. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, here are some things you need to take care of both immediately and soon after the accident.